Polygraph Training and Experience

Mr. Wiegmann received his initial polygraph training from the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute located at Fort McClellan in Aniston, Alabama. He graduated from the fourteen week program in 1998. After completing an FBI internship under the direction of a senior FBI polygraph examiner, Wiegmann was designated an accredited FBI polygraph examiner in 1999. Thereafter, he attended numerous FBI polygraph training courses and also attended additional training at the Academy of Polygraph Science located in Fort Myers, Florida. He has conducted over 1000 polygraph examinations for the FBI and was routinely called upon as an expert by numerous Assistant United States Attorneys in the Southern District of Florida to review polygraph examinations conducted by other polygraph examiners. In addition, he testified as a polygraph expert in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Florida. Wiegmann’s reputation as a Special Agent and as a polygraph examiner at the United States Attorney’s Office is second to none.

Polygraph examinations conducted by Mr. Wiegmann while an FBI Special Agent resulted in confessions to numerous crimes including Armed Robbery, Theft, Fraud, Bribery and Acceptance of Bribes, Sexual Assault, Espionage, Jury Tampering, Drug Offenses and many other crimes. In addition, one test resulted in the successful rescue of two kidnapping victims and the arrest of the kidnapers.

FBI Career and After

Wiegmann retired as a Special Agent of the FBI in 2010. While an FBI agent, in 1998 he received the Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Director’s Award for Outstanding Contributions in Law Enforcement from then Attorney General Janet Reno. He also received over 20 commendations from various Directors of the FBI; Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year awards from the US Attorney’s Office in 1988, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2004 and 2007 and numerous other awards and commendations from the FBI and other agencies for outstanding service. Since retirement from the Bureau, Mr. Wiegmann has worked as a Polygraph Examiner, Forensic Fraud Investigator and Private Investigator.

Professional Association Memberships

Mr. Wiegmann is a full member of the American Polygraph Association and a member of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI.

Education and Additional Qualifications

Mr. Wiegmann received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Missouri in 1975 and was designated a Certified Public Accountant in Missouri in 1977.

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